July 31, 2021

3 Ways To Increase Testosterone From Bed

That’s Right There Are Three Way To Increase Testosterone Naturally, From One Of Our Favourite Places, Our Beds!

The Simplicity Of These Methods Will Shock You! Read On To Find Out What They Are………….


Getting 8 Hours Of Quality Sleep

This is something that I’ve mentioned a few times on this site. It truly is one of the most effective and easiest ways to increase testosterone naturally!

Getting 8 hours of quality sleep, is essential for healthy testosterone production.

Getting less than 8 hours leads to the body being stressed and the release of cortisol.

When the body is stressed, cortisol release to handle the state of stress becomes the key priority for the body.

As a result testosterone production is inhibited, as are other functions that keep the body healthy.

This is why suffering from stress is so unhealthy and is beginning to be recognised as a “silent killer”!

One study, investigating the effect a lack of sleep has on testosterone production, showed that participants who had five hours and under of sleep, had a decease in their T levels by 10% – 15%!

That decrease is quite considerable! While it only reports on the results of under 5 hours sleep, multiple other studies have showed getting under 8 hours of quality sleep leads to lowered T production.

While there are multiple things that can impact & improve your sleep quality, I’d first focus on getting 8 hours (if you’re sleeping is under that) and then look at ways to improve/optimize sleep quality!

To reiterate 8 hours of sleep is one of the most effective & simplest ways to increase testosterone naturally!

Being Asleep Before 11 PM

10 o’clock Clock Classic Vintage Retro Color Tone on Wood Table with Sun Light

It’s not just getting 8 hours of quality sleep that helps increase testosterone production, the time that you get to sleep is very important as well!

Being asleep before 11 PM, should be more than achievable for most of you; and is one of he most effective ways to naturally increase testosterone production.

The bodies main hormone release takes place at approximately 11:00 PM each night, which includes testosterone.

Being asleep by this point means your body is more capable of using the hormone & testosterone release more efficiently.

This means you get a testosterone boost and that it is put to better use in the body as well!

Having Sex

Man & woman in bed

Now on to my favourite bed activity, research has shown that having more sex will boost testosterone production for both men & women.

So this is something your other half will hopefully get on board with (excuse the pun).

Especially if you sell them the added benefit that sex is one of the top ways to increase testosterone naturally.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, your bed is an important battle ground in your war to boost testosterone production.


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